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School Licence

Educational use of Explore the World is subject to the purchase of a school licence.

An Explore the World licence is a software licence allowing a school and all its teachers  and students to use the program for any educational purpose.  A licensed school may make unlimited installations of the purchased software.


Pricing is based on the size of the school. Therefore an Explore the World licence is affordable even for the smallest school. Flexible licensing options give good value for money and fair, reasonable prices.

Price Inquiry

Please use the Live Chat Widget to request prices for your school and other information you might need. 


 Check out our Spring Campaign prices 2014!  

Please use the Live Chat Widget to request campaign prices for your school. If offline, please leave a message.




 How to order

    Simply use the Live Chat Widget or email us.

A licence document will be sent by post or emailed to your school for (electronic) signature. 

 The program will be shipped by mail or made available for download.


The Explore the World program comes on a USB Wafer Flash Drive . . .

 Installation is easy and convenient . . .

Make Explore the World part of your normal teaching toolkit.

Explore the World gives you the power to make a difference.

Success guaranteed!